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Frequently Asked Questions

Troubleshooting game loading and freezing issues

If you’re experiencing issues such as the game failing to load, freezing during play, crashing and reloading, or site access, here are some troubleshooting tips to help solve the issue.

What devices/platforms does Boddle run on?

Boddle currently runs on iOS mobile devices via the Apple App Store, Android mobile devices via the Google Play Store, and web browsers — particularly Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari — on laptops and Chromebooks.

iOS Mobile App
Supported Versions:
iOS 9.0+

Storage Space for Application: 300 mb

Get the app HERE!

Android Mobile App
Supported Versions:
Android 5.0+
Storage Space for Application: 70 mb

Get the app HERE!

Supported Browsers:
Firefox 52+
Chrome 57+
Safari 11+
Network Requirements
Minimum: 376 kb/s
Recommended: 1 Mb/s

What subjects does Boddle cover?

We currently have grades K-6 mathematics with the goal of adding Reading and Phonics in the future.

Additionally, we plan to include more subjects such as science.

Will Boddle run on my mobile device?

Yes - We support both iOS and Android devices.

Download Boddle on the Apple App Store.
Download Boddle on the Google Play Store.

Why is the company called Boddle?

Boddle is named after our unique bottle-headed game characters that fill up as they learn.

When their heads are filled up, they pour back out to water plants and trees!

Boddles are designed to tell students:

1. To fill up on knowledge

2. To value themselves and others for the content of their character

3. That they have the power and ability to change their environment for the better

Does Boddle have an initial placement test for students?

Boddle automatically gives all new students a placement test when they start playing the game, and gets students to the right level after a series of assessment items that look like regular gameplay.

You can learn more about the Placement Test here.You may override the curriculum by changing the level for individual students using the “Change Curriculum” function, as well as through “Assignments”.

For more information on how to do so, click here.

How do I make Boddle run faster?

Is Boddle running slow on your Chromebooks? You can make it run faster/better by clearing your browsing data.

To do that:
1. Click on the “Menu” button in the upper-right corner of the Chrome window.
2. Choose “More Tools”
3. Click “Clear browsing data”

Is Boddle Free?

Boddle is a free / no-cost program. While we're planning to make optional subscriptions available to parents for additional in-game challenges and items, our goal is to keep Boddle free for teachers, schools, and districts.